Are You Hiring The Right People?

Are you hiring the right people, with the right talents, who are delivering the right results? Here are some key questions you should be asking yourself about your hiring process:

  1. Are you hiring the right people?
  2. Is your hiring process working?
  3. Are you recruiting people who match specific positions?
  4. Do you have performance models for your key positions?
  5. Are you actively prospecting for new candidates?
  6. Are you properly prepared for interviews?
  7. Are you using pre-employment assessments?

Learn how you can improve your hiring process by reading this focused eBook, Pre-Hire Preparation-What Everyone Ought to Know: An In-Depth Guide to The First Stage of the Employee Lifecycle

Pre-Hire Prep (Click here to download eBook) Partner Pre-Hire Preparation eBook

If you would like more information on how to improve your hiring process, please complete the contact information below, or call Bill Accordino at (732) 528-0320.

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