Smart Hiring: Five Steps To Improve Your Hiring Success!

BreakthroughPerformance.TalentManagementHiring the right people is at the core of breakthrough performance.  As business owners and leaders we all know that this is a critical ingredient to the success of our organizations.   Our goal is to get the right people, with the right talents, delivering the right results.  I have communicated this goal in previous posts and will continue to stress how important this is to your success.

Does your current hiring process support this goal?  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms perhaps the answer is no:

  1. Voluntary turnover is increasing
  2. Your recent hires are not fitting well with your organization and its values
  3. Your onboarding process is ineffective, or doesn’t exist

As my good friend and coach Chris Ruisi always says, “you need to hire slow and fire fast!”.  The first step may be to slow down and consider following these five steps to ensure smart hiring processes and get the most out of your people:

  1. Identify hiring problems–Analyze your hiring process and identify the root cause of your talent shortfall.
  2. Recruit people who match specific positions–Invest the time to identify the success profile for all of your positions.  You should develop a competency-based job description.  Consider using pre-employment assessments that will identify the cognitive, behavioral and career interests of the candidate.
  3. Be innovative when you prospect for new candidates–Ask your top employees for referrals, look for companies announcing cutbacks, partner with colleges and vocational schools.
  4. Prepare for a winning behavioral interview–Spend a sufficient amount of time reviewing the candidates resume in relation to the job requirements.  Plan to ask behavioral questions of your candidates.  Rather than asking the interviewee if they are comfortable effectively dealing with conflict, ask them to give you an example of how they handled a conflict situation with a co-worker or customer.  Ask them to tell you the story by sharing the problem, the actions they took, and the results.
  5. Continually refine your best hiring practices–You should regularly analyze the success of your hiring process and make the necessary adjustments.  These should be an ongoing process, not an event.

Learn more about these five best practices and much more by requesting the Hiring Blook: 10 Success Steps for Effective Hiring.

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