Job Fit-The Power of the Right Person

shutterstock_269067383In order to effectively drive strategic change and achieve breakthrough performance you need to have the right people, with the right talents, in the right jobs, delivering the right results.   Wow, that’s a mouthful!  The old phrase, “says easy, does hard” comes to mind.

We all know this intuitively, and most leaders and managers work diligently to make this happen.  We also know that we should align our hiring process, development process, and succession planning process with our business strategy and talent needs.  My experience would suggest that success in these critical areas is more a matter of chance than a focused strategic workforce plan and its execution.  One key ingredient to make all of this happen is Job Fit.

What is Job Fit?  It measures the degree to which the requirements of the job match the individual’s strengths, needs and wants.  If we identify an individual’s personality traits, abilities and behaviors,  we are better able to predict if they can do the job, how they will do the job, and if they will enjoy the job.  We are all motivated and driven by different influences.  Job fit outlines the unique job-related qualities that make a person productive.

Why is this important?  Studies show that job fit improves engagement and job satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity.  In fact, the findings of one study suggests that employees who are well matched in their jobs are 2.5 times more productive on the job. Here are three simple steps to get your started:

  1. Identify and assess top performers–this approach is effective if you have multiple people in the same position.  You would need to use a validated and reliable assessment tool.  If you don’t have any top performers in the position you will need to start to identify the skills, behaviors and other attributes that you believe the position requires.
  2. Benchmark top performance to create a performance model–creating a performance model from the assessment results of your top performers provides a remarkable advantage.  You are creating a performance model that defines the characteristics of a top performer in your organization.  If you do not have any top performers in the position you will need to perform a focused job analysis using the tools provided by a talent management solutions provider.
  3. Evaluate candidates relative to this performance model for maximum productivity and engagement in that position.  This process should be used when considering outside candidates and internal candidates for your key positions.  The assessments in comparison to the performance model can also be used to support your coaching of existing employees.

Your organization will experience significant productivity increases over time if you start to use Job Fit as part of your hiring process and employee development process.

If you would like more information on Job Fit, please contact me at (732) 528-0320, or at  Please complete the information below if you would like to receive the eBook, Job Fit: The Power of the Right Person.

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